Virtual Reality (VR) Applications

We are contributing a new horizon with application and education module projects to usage of VR, that is used in a wide range of training for surgical medicine to astronomy. Thus, we are leading an innovative and pioneering project for defence industry in Turkey which is far ahead from current techniques and technologies. In this way, those two opposite perceptions, virtual and real are synthesized by bringing virtual closer to reality and reflecting one to one. This synthesis is formed by working with professionals in the frame of software, 3D modelling and business development disciplines.

Augmented Reality (AR) Applications

AR is an innovative technique that virtual objects are embedded on real images. The physical environment of reality is felt and lived in a dynamic, live way in real time by sensory inputs created by computer. AR will take a huge place in our lives in future. This innovative technology runs a new universe activatiing senses of seeing, feeling, touching, smelling and hearing by blurring the line, between computer’s universe and real one.

Wearable Technologies

These are innovative technologies that can be designed as clothes, wristwatches, wristbands, bags or accessories and provides transmission of the data collected for the targeted information via smart sensors to predetermined devices via wireless connection. Thanks to being wearable, these technologies provides the user with ease of transport while preventing possible loss of time.

Automotive Industry Solutions

Daysoft has supplied more than "3000" Vehicle Sub-Systems with Mechanical, Electrical and Software solutions. These solutions are done by our engineering department by developing user interfaces and vehicle control unit softwares on 3.5inch, 7inch, 11inch, 12inch types of displays.

P.S. : Daysoft keeps its activities CONFIDENTIAL in this field.

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