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Daysoft AG - With VR & AR to the Operating Instructions of the Future!

Daysoft AG offers engineering solutions in the field of virtual reality and augmented reality, wearable technologies and embedded software solutions. The software solutions find many possible fields of application in many different sectors. The startup develops virtual operating experiences that can make sales, marketing and employee training much easier. 

What is the problem? What is our solution for this field?

Daysoft was founded in Turkey in 2017. The newly founded Daysoft AG Liechtenstein provides applications from the areas of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) for many different sectors, to illustrate a few examples:

VR in the field of medical training & marketing:

A manufacturer develops a new blood test device. The sales team has problems presenting the device properly. Daysoft AG models a system based on the original specification, i.e. the blood test device, and the customer can easily try out the device using VR glasses and be trained in how to use it. This opens up completely new opportunities for marketing & sales on the one hand, but also for the training of personnel.

AR in the field of vehicle technology / rail systems:

A train has to be set in motion, but the user does not know how. Sending technicians takes a long time and is expensive. The system developed by Daysoft uses so-called photo trails, i.e. photos that the user takes of the control component, to identify which component it is and explains step by step what the user has to do to get the train going in the shortest possible time put. Technically speaking, already available photo cameras such as those from an iPhone or Samsung tablet are sufficient - Daysoft AG offers the technical system that recognizes what needs to be done from the photos.With the help of this software and application, even laypeople can take the train. We are currently developing an editor environment that should make it possible for every company and manufacturer to manufacture and use these applications themselves. Developing such a system is very time-consuming, but we develop the editor environment in such a way that it can be used by others and the real recorded area only needs to be fed.  

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