Battery Voltage Protector

Daysoft Engineers designed an electronic card for control to batteries voltage. This system prevents the battery's voltage too low. When the battery drops to the specified value (critical voltage value for starting the engine), system stops output and allows the vehicle to keep enough voltage in the battery for starting the engine.

Dashboard & Display Solutions

Daysoft Team complate many different type military vehicles complately system solutions with Mechanical, Electrical and Software

sides. For this purpose our software department develops user interfaces and vehicle control unit softwares on 3.5inc, 7inc, 11inc, 12inc types of displays.

Power Distribution Module with Dual Can-Bus

Daysoft designed a Power Distribution Module (PDM), expanding CAN bus control networks by replacing existing relay and fuse boxes with more reliable solid-state switches that can directly drive work lights, wiper motors, cooling fans, directional DC motors and other high current loads. 

Remote Trigger

Daysoft Engineering Team developed an embedded board and softwares which for heavy guns controls remotely. System consists two board (receiver and transmitter) and they work with their own Li-Po batteries. Transmitter supplies 2 different channel for trigger and one resistive message to receiver up to 1 km range.

Tank Heating System

Daysoft Engineering Team developed an embedded board for control tank heaters. The system has two heat sensors which are working redundant and six configurable outputs. When the tank’s temperature falls below the specified temperature value, it triggers the tank's heater until it exceeds the set temperature value.

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